Summer Season Soon to be Cicada Season

Summer Season Soon to be Cicada Season

July 6th, 2020- A sure sign of summer, cicadas are emerging throughout Illinois after hibernating underground for years.

There are three types of cicadas in Illinois: Annual cicadas and periodic cicadas, which emerge in 13-year and 17-year cycles. Seventeen-year cicadas are the longest living insect known to man. No one knows why, but Illinois has the largest brood of cicadas in the world.

Ted Burgess, an entomologist at Northern Illinois University, said Illinoisans are fortunate to witness such a special event.

“This is something that is very unique to the Midwest that not everybody in the world can experience and we get to experience the biggest occurrence of it anywhere in the world,” he said.

The cicadas unique life cycle comes as a means of predator avoidance. The theory is cicadas spend a prime number of years underground, 13 or 17 depending on the species, to avoid synching up with predators. Then by descending in unison, the millions of defenseless cicadas can overwhelm predators and stand a chance at survival.

Burgess said this summer will be steady with cicadas emerging, but the main invasion will be in 2024.

As for the rumor that cicadas are tasty?

“Periodical cicadas specifically are thought to taste like almonds,” Burgess said. “I don’t recommend people go in their backyards to try to catch them and eat them, but they are certainly edible under certain conditions.”

Banking Scams Increase Due To COVID-19

Banking Scams Increase Due To COVID-19

June 29th, 2020- The Federal Bureau of Investigation said online banking has increased 50% because of the COVID-19 pandemic and scammers are taking advantage.

The bureau warned against two types of scams especially: one is the creation of fake banking apps, and the other is installing “trojans,” a form of malware that can take control of your phone or tablet and then extract information from your banking app when you open it.

“The FBI issued a warning, and this is a warning that’s been issued by the Better Business Bureau as well,” Steve Bernas, president and CEO of the Better Business Bureau.

He said to be especially wary of any offer for a banking app that comes through an email or text.

“There’s a possibility of the scammer is getting into a bank-app set-up where you think you’re getting an email from your bank, but you’re actually getting an email from a scammer,” he said. “And you’re giving them all the information to get into your bank account.

“You’ve got to be very careful when you download apps. The best way to avoid the situation is by doing business with companies you know and trust and work directly with them not following links or text messages.”

In other words, go directly to the bank website, or at least to a reputable app store.

“Scammers always go where the money is,” Bernas said, advising due diligence to they don’t wind up with yours.

For information, visit

Governor Visits Boys and Girls Club of Decatur To Highlight Child Care Funding

Governor Visits Boys and Girls Club of Decatur To Highlight Child Care Funding

June 10, 2020 – Gov. J.B. Pritzker visited the Boys & Girls Club of Decatur to highlight the importance of child care facilities.

Boys & Girls Clubs and similar facilities in Illinois that were shut down because of the COVID-19 pandemic have reopened under guidelines from the Illinois Department of Public Health. The Boys and Girls Club was able to re-open it’s doors on Monday with new health guidelines.

State Sen. Andy Manar said including facilities like the Boys & Girls Club in the recently passed state budget was important.

“We are able to reopen child care providers and community-based providers because prioritized that funding in the budget this year,” he said. “We chose not to ‘slash and burn’ programs that impact youth.”

Boys & Girls Clubs around the state and programs like TeenREACH were left in limbo during the budget impasse of 2015.

State Rep. Sue Sherer also spoke of the importance of keeping the facilities funded.

“I just want to say how critically important it is in these times that we offer the programs and services for Boys & Girls Clubs because these our children, these are the most neediest, these are the ones we need to tuck under our wing and take care of,” she said.

The Illinois Alliance of Boys and Girls Clubs is comprised of 27 organizations, serving over 60,000 youth each year at more than 90 sites.

The Decatur Mural Project Now Accepting Artist Design Proposals for 2020 Mural

The Decatur Mural Project Now Accepting Artist Design Proposals for 2020 Mural

May 27th, 2020-  The Decatur Arts Council is searching for the next artists to create a new mural to be painted in 2020. Artists proposals are now being accepted by the DAAC Public Art Committee. Submissions are due by June 12, 2020.

This year’s project is being done in cooperation with and through support from the Beautify Decatur Coalition.  The goal is to have a mural created that builds awareness for keeping our city clean and encourages everyone to enhance its appearance.  For example, the Beautify Decatur Coalition has focused on the litter prevention theme, “Be a dear, put it here,” encouraging the use of available trash receptacles.  Artists may consider this theme when developing a design proposal.  Learn more about the Beautify Decatur Coalition at

Artists may submit more than one design.  The location for this mural has not been determined but will likely be a single-story horizontal wall.  For more detailed information on design recommendations, proposal requirements, and how to submit a proposal, visit and download the Call for Proposals – 2020 document.

The Decatur Mural Project was established in 2012 to create partnerships with artists, property owners, and sponsors or funding agencies for the creation of murals to beautify our community. Mural design proposals are collected as locations become available throughout Macon County. Building recommendations are always welcome.

Chamber to Host Webinar with Focus on Remote Business Technology

Chamber to Host Webinar with Focus on Remote Business Technology

May 12th, 2020- The Decatur Regional Chamber is hosting a free webinar that will focus on the most effective options for technology use for your business while working remotely.  The webinar will take place from  1 pm – 2 pm on May 20th.

Special Guest Speakers include Beck Tech’s Matt Beck, JT Net’s Bill Lehmann, and Brian Mcnamara, Steve Weber of Liasion Home Automation, and Frank Saulsbery of Network Solutions Unlimited.

To register for the event go to 

McGorray Announces Candidacy for State Rep in 96th District

McGorray Announces Candidacy for State Rep in 96th District

May 11, 2020 – Charlie McGorray of Decatur announced his candidacy for State Representative of the 96th Illinois House District. McGorray has begun circulating petitions to run as the Republican candidate against incumbent State Rep. Sue Scherer.

“I’ve served my country in the U.S. Army and served my community for over 25 years as a member of the Decatur Fire Department,” said Charlie McGorray. “Now, I want to serve as your voice in Springfield. We need someone who will represent us, not Mike Madigan and his Chicago Machine.”

Charlie McGorray is seeking volunteers to help him collect the 500 petition signatures needed over the next ten days in order to be placed on the November 2020 ballot. However, due to the Governor’s stay at home order, McGorray filed a lawsuit on May 9 in order to collect those signatures.

Podcast – Radio DPS

Podcast – Radio DPS

School may be out, but learning is IN!  Y103, 95Q, Hot 105.5, and Decatur Public School District 61 have teamed up to make at-home learning more easy, fun, and accessible!

Listen to hear real teachers and administrators give lessons, workouts, art and music projects, and motivational messages! Just like you’re back in the classroom. And don’t worry parents, we’ll have some technical tips to help you navigate through all that online homework. Let’s go back to school, at home!

Podcasts are listed by date, grade range, subject and teacher. Episodes will be available at 10am everyday!