Incumbent returns, two new members to the Decatur City Council

Incumbent returns, two new members to the Decatur City Council

April 5 – The Decatur City Council will have one returning member and two new council members after yesterday’s consolidated election.


Pat McDaniels was re-elected to his seat on the Decatur City Council. Newcomers lifelong Decatur resident Chuck Kuhle and Millikin University Professor Doctor David Horn.


Chuck Kuhle says growing up here he wants to see what is best for Decatur, and while some may not always agree with him, he will work toward making the city a better place.


David Horn said last night that running for council 2 years ago prepped him for the campaign and the voters embraced the collaborative approach he wants to bring to the City Council.


McDaniels retains his seat on the Council, which he has been elected to twice beginning in 2011, first for a 2 year term, then again for a four year term.


Chuck Kuhle and David Horn will fill the vacant seats on the Council left by Jerry Dawson and Chris Funk who decided not to return.

Moore Wolfe to focus on infrastructure

Moore Wolfe to focus on infrastructure

April 5 – In the Decatur Mayoral race yesterday, Mayor Julie Moore Wolfe was elected Mayor of the city of Decatur, defeating businessman John Phillips.


This is Moore Wolfe’s first time elected Mayor, as she was appointed to the position after the unexpected passing of Mayor Mike McElroy.


Moore Wolfe has served on the Council for 8 years, and said she couldn’t have won the race for Mayor without her supporters.


She says she is grateful for all of the support she received in the run up to election day from all across the city of Decatur.


Mayor Moore Wolfe says one of her biggest priorities going forward are infrastructure projects like the Eastern Beltway Project, which is just one of the many things she wants to accomplish as Mayor in order to help the city grow and be competitive in the future.

Voters choose change for DPS 61

Voters choose change for DPS 61

April 5 – Wholesale change was apparently on the minds of voters yesterday when it came to the Decatur Public Schools Board of Education. Voters overwhelmingly elected 4 new members to the DPS 61 board.


Courtney Carson, Beth Creighton, Kendall Briscoe and Beth Nolan put up early leads in the polls last night and never trailed.


The Reverend Courtney Carson said last night that the people were ready for a change and it wasn’t all about him, but it was a community effort that helped him win his seat on the board.


Beth Creighton, a member of the PLUS group, Parents and Leadership for US says a strategic plan is one of the top priorities for the newly elected members.


Kendall Briscoe says that even though the members of the PLUS Group may not always agree, they talk about the issues, and work them out to move forward.


Beth Nolan says as a new member of the board she is looking forward to meeting with the new District 61 Superintendent Dr. Paul Fregeau and planning long term goals for the district and fulfilling the group’s campaign promise of having a long term strategic plan.

Updated… New faces on Decatur City Council and DPS 61 School Board

Updated… New faces on Decatur City Council and DPS 61 School Board

April 4 – Macon county voters went to the polls today and the numbers are in.


Decatur voters have elected Julie Moore Wolfe as Mayor of the city, along with sending Chuck Kuhle and David Horn to the Decatur City Council. Voters also chose to re-elect Pat McDaniel to another term on the Council.


In the District 61 School Board race, voters decided major change was needed. They elected Courtney Carson, Beth Nolan, Kendall Briscoe and Beth Creighton to the DPS 61 board.


And after mounting a sizeable campaign to educate voters, the Public Safety Tax to re-instate positions at the Macon County Sheriff’s office was handily passed by voters, 59 to 41 percent.


You can find complete results from Tuesday’s Consolidated Election by clicking HERE

Congressman Davis says all elections matter

Congressman Davis says all elections matter

April 4 – On this Election Day it’s always important to get out and vote.


Congressman Rodney Davis on Byers and Company this morning said that Consolidated Municipal Elections like the one today are important because these are the elections that matter because they are more personal and impact day to day life.


Davis said he voted yesterday in Taylorville, and while he doesn’t live in the city limits, Township elections, school board elections and referenda that are on the ballots are just as important.


You can find the full podcast of Brian Byers interview with Congressman Rodney Davis here

The Polls are open

The Polls are open

It’s Election Day in Macon County and the polls are open and you can vote until 7pm this evening.


Macon County set a record for early voting in this April 4th consolidated election.


Macon County Clerk Steve Bean says as of the end of early voting yesterday, 2,660 early, grace and nursing home votes had been cast.


On the ballot today, you’ll find candidates for the Decatur Mayor and City Council, Decatur School Board, Richland Community College Board of Trustees, Decatur Park Board and the Public Safety Tax.


You’ll also find various township and community races throughout Macon County. You can find a sample ballot here


If you are unsure of your polling place and would still like to vote, you can find that information through the Macon County Clerk’s website at

Law Enforcement Safety Tax on the ballot

Law Enforcement Safety Tax on the ballot

April 4 – A referendum asking if the county can increase the sales tax by one quarter of one percent to fund specialized positions at the Macon County Sheriff’s Office is on today’s ballot.


If the measure passes, you would pay an additional $0.25 per $100 of “tangible personal property bought at retail.”


The tax excludes groceries, prescription drugs, and vehicles.


The Sheriff’s Office has actively campaigned over the past few months to educate the public of the measure. Macon County Sheriff Tom Schneider says it’s important to reinstate the positions law enforcement have had to cut.


“As law enforcement, we are trying to be proactive when it comes to our policing efforts.  That occurs when narcotics detection and/or interdiction work is being done, fugitive apprehension is taking place, and when an officer is present so that our schools are safe”


The Safety tax would fully reinstate those positions at the Sheriff’s Office.


The polls are open today until 7pm

Moore Wolfe wants to take Decatur to the next level

Moore Wolfe wants to take Decatur to the next level

April 4 – Mayor Julie Moore Wolfe wants to continue the work that’s being done and take Decatur to the next level.


Moore Wolfe told WSOY’s Aric Lee Monday she not only wants to continue to build on the work begun by her predecessors.


She wants to continue to push Decatur forward on infrastructure projects that she says will help the city continue to grow and bring more jobs to the area.


You can find Aric Lee’s full interview with Julie Moore Wolfe here

Phillips wants your vote

Phillips wants your vote

April 4 – On the final day before election day, Mayoral candidate John Phillips said he wants to keep moving Decatur forward.


In an Interview with WSOY’s Aric Lee Monday, Phillips said he thinks his campaign has presented a clear choice.


Phillips says he’s looking to work with the council and more aggressively create jobs in the city of Decatur.


You can find Aric Lee’s full interview with John Phillips here