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Trump in Bloomington

Chairman for Macon County Republicans gives thoughts on Trump

May 4 – With the announcement of presidential candidates Ted Cruz and John Kasich suspending their campaigns, Macon County Republicans are getting behind Donald Trump.   Bruce Pillsbury, Chairman for Macon County Republicans, says a bulk of Republicans in the area that he has spoke to are supporting Trump.   Cruz announced the suspension of…Continue Reading

Park Board elect officers

Park board changes elect officers, authorizes emergency bridge repair

May 4 – Elect officer’s changes and the authorization of an emergency bridge repair were topics discussed and approved at the latest Park board meeting.   Rotations to the elect officers occur every two years. For the 2016-17 fiscal calendar year, Bob Brilley II was named President and Chris Harrison as Vice President.   Ed…Continue Reading

school board

School Board committee aims to make meetings more efficient

May 4 – A sub-committee of the DPS Board of Education is working to find the best way to conduct open and closed session meetings.   A representative from the Illinois Association of School Boards (IASB) joined committee members Wednesday morning to offer his evaluation of the meeting structure and answer any questions.  The IASB…Continue Reading

Caterpillar Decatur

Caterpillar Inc. to transfer over a 100 jobs from Decatur

May 4 – Some Caterpillar employees in the area will soon be transferred to a different location.   Doug Ducey, the Governor of Arizona, announced yesterday that Caterpillar Inc. plans to consolidate its mining and technology division in Tucson, Arizona.   Economic Development Corporation President, Ryan McCrady, talks about what this means for Decatur.   “This…Continue Reading

Prairie Life Days 2016

Macon County students learning about life in the 1800s

May 4 – Area third graders are getting the chance to learn about what life was like for early Macon County settlers in the 1800s.   The Macon County Historical Museum is hosting the Annual Prairie Life Days this week.  The museum has welcomed third-grade classes from around Macon County for over 30 years.  Museum…Continue Reading

Kmart, Aero

Aeropostale leaving Forsyth, Kmart closing in Decatur

May 4 – A couple of businesses are set to leave Macon County due to financial struggles.   The Aeropostale clothing store in Hickory Point Mall has announced they are closing their Forsyth location.  The company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy Wednesday morning, prompting them to scale down their over 800 stores.   Aeropostale says…Continue Reading


Bill to abolish Illinois lieutenant governor office fails

May 4 — A bill to ask voters to abolish Illinois’ lieutenant governor’s office failed to advance this year after lawmakers couldn’t agree on who should be the successor to the governor.   The bill easily passed the House but stalled in the Senate on Tuesday. Republican Sen. William Brady, the sponsor, wanted the governor’s successor…Continue Reading

Ameren replacing light bulbs

Volunteers replace light bulbs in Decatur’s GM Square

May 3 – Volunteers with the Coalition of Neighborhood Organizations are teaming up with Ameren Illinois employees to help enhance safety and spread the message of energy efficiency.   Volunteers dressed in green ‘Ameren Cares’ shirts visited homes in Decatur’s GM Square offering to replace front porch lights.  Ameren had a goal of replacing 100…Continue Reading

Capitol Building

Bill would make undocumented IL students eligible for state aid

May 3 – A recent bill that passed the Illinois Senate would make college students here illegally eligible for state-based financial aid.   Senate Bill 2196, or the Student Access Bill, would allow for undocumented students to be eligible for state-based financial aid at Illinois’ four-year public universities.  The bill would apply to undocumented students…Continue Reading