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Summer Season Soon to be Cicada Season

July 6th, 2020- A sure sign of summer, cicadas are emerging throughout Illinois after hibernating underground for years. There are three types of cicadas in Illinois: Annual cicadas and periodic cicadas, which emerge in 13-year and 17-year cycles. Seventeen-year cicadas are the longest living insect known to man. No one knows why, but Illinois has the…Continue Reading

Tanya Andricks3

LISTEN: Tanya Andricks of Crossing Healthcare

July 6th, 2020- Tanya Andricks of Crossing Healthcare joins Byers & Co. to talk about providing healthcare for children including immunizations that may have been missed due to the pandemic and how missing school has impacted the well being of children. Listen to the podcast now.Continue Reading

Dan Caulkins

LISTEN: State Representative Dan Caulkins

July 6th, 2020- State Representative Dan Caulkins joins Byers & Co. to talk about the politicization of wearing masks, COVID-19 in various states, the effect of the virus on healthcare facilities, and the challenges they are facing in getting back to work. Listen to the podcast now.Continue Reading

Kevin Breheny

LISTEN: Kevin Breheny joins Byers & Co.

July 6th, 2020- Kevin Breheny joins Byers & Co. to talk about his recent visit to Florida including the behavior of people he saw, fireworks, and saving a sea turtle while out on a morning run. Listen to the full podcast now.Continue Reading

Moonlight Yoga

Moonlight Yoga at the Devon Amphitheatre

July 6th, 2020- The Decatur Park District is hosting the first of three Moonlight Yoga Sessions, on Monday night at the Devon Amphitheatre. The 70-minute session will begin at 8 pm and will be led by Jeff Hunt and Connie Pease. Guests are encouraged to arrive early and bring their own mats or towels. Concessions…Continue Reading

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NextGen Social Hour Zoom Sessions

July 6th, 2020- For the month of July, NextGen Community Connection will host weekly Zoom sessions in a new series called “I’ll Drink to that.”  The first session is this Thursday, July 9th, and will begin at 6 pm. Thursday’s session will be a social hour discussing everyone’s lockdown experience.  The mission of NextGen Community Connection…Continue Reading

blood donate

Pints 4 Pints Blood Drive

July 6th, 2020- Due to the Nationwide Blood shortage, the Red Cross and United Way of Decatur & Mid-Illinois are hosting “Pints 4 Pints” blood drive on Monday, July 20th at Door 4 Brewing Co.  Eligible donors can give a pint of blood and receive a customized pint glass from Door 4.Appointments can be made between…Continue Reading