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Kyle May 3

LISTEN: Ride & Run with Kyle May

June 30th, 2020- Kyle May joins Byers & Co. to talk about his recent trip to The Ozarks, some special 4th of July themed apparel and new shoes at Fleet Feet and the steady demand for bikes and services at Spin City Cycles. Listen to the podcast now.Continue Reading


2020 Farm Progress Show Cancelled

June 29th, 2020- For more than 65 years, farmers have turned to the Farm Progress Show and Husker Harvest Days for the latest information about new products and tools they can use to boost productivity and profit for their operations. However, for the first time in its history, the show won’t go on.  The show was…Continue Reading

July4 Fireworks

Senator Chapin Rose Pushes To Legalize Fireworks In Illinois

June 29th, 2020- With fireworks readily available in neighboring states, a local state senator says it’s time to legalize them in Illinois. Sen. Chapin Rose has attempted to get a bill passed on more than one occasion, but can’t get Democrats to come on board. “With the massive decline in state revenues due to the COVID,…Continue Reading


Banking Scams Increase Due To COVID-19

June 29th, 2020- The Federal Bureau of Investigation said online banking has increased 50% because of the COVID-19 pandemic and scammers are taking advantage. The bureau warned against two types of scams especially: one is the creation of fake banking apps, and the other is installing “trojans,” a form of malware that can take control of…Continue Reading


New Grant Program for Non-Profits To Provide Food And Housing Assistance

June 29th, 2020- A grant program to help small non-profit organizations provide food and housing assistance will begin taking applications on July 1. The Charitable Trust Stabilization Fund assists small non-profits with annual budgets of $1 million or less. Money comes from filing fees non-profits pay when incorporating in the state of Illinois, not personal or…Continue Reading

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Salvation Army Welcomes New Officers

June 29th, 2020- New officers will be taking the helm at the Salvation Army in Decatur.  Starting July 1st, Lieutenants Kenesa & Shanell Debela will take over the Decatur operations for Majors Greg and Carla Voeller as they move their appointment to Chicago.  The Voellers have served at the Decatur Salvation army for 2 years. Kenesa holds a…Continue Reading

Tanya Andricks3

LISTEN: Tanya Andricks of Crossing Healthcare

June 29th, 2020- Tanya Andricks of Crossing Healthcare joins Byers & Co. to talk about how she is tracking local COVID-19 numbers for trends as well the numbers in states that are seeing spikes, her concern about mask usage and availability, and the alarming positive tests for people of color and of younger ages. Listen to…Continue Reading