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road buckle

LISTEN: Extreme Heat Causes Road Buckling

July 6th, 2020- With extreme heat dominating the forecast, the Illinois Department of Transportation cautioned motorists to be on the lookout for pavement buckling on roads throughout the state. Pavement failures or blowouts occur when prolonged high temperatures cause the road to expand and buckle up or blow out, resulting in uneven driving surfaces. Precipitation and…Continue Reading


Officials Announced 23rd Death In Macon County Due To COVID-19

July 6, 2020 – The Joint Crisis Communication announced the passing of the 23rd Macon County resident with COVID-19. No information was provided about the patient. Thus far, 8,817 tests have been performed in Macon County. Since the previous release, Macon County has had four newly-confirmed cases of COVID-19, bringing the total to 236 confirmed COVID-19…Continue Reading


Macon County Emergency Phone Test Schedule Wednesday

July 6th, 2020- This Wednesday at 11:00 A.M., the Macon County Emergency Telephone System Board will be conducting the annual emergency alert TEST using the Macon County Emergency Alert & Notification System. But if you only use a cell phone, now is a good time to sign up for the alerts. The System is used in…Continue Reading

child abuse

Despite Drop In Hotline Calls, Expert Fear Unseen Child Abuse Spike

July 6th, 2020- Calls to report suspected child abuse and neglect during the pandemic dropped by 57% in Illinois compared to the same time last year, according to the Illinois Department of Children and Family  Services. But that doesn’t necessarily mean all is well. “I think that the biggest fear is that there is an increase and we don’t…Continue Reading


FTC Warns of Contact Tracing Scams

July 6th, 2020- The state of Illinois is hoping to hire about 4,000 contact tracers in the fight against COVID-19, but the Federal Trade Commission is warning about scams related to contact tracing. Contact tracing is kind of like being a COVID-19 detective. Contact tracing involves calling people infected with the virus to see who they…Continue Reading


Summer Season Soon to be Cicada Season

July 6th, 2020- A sure sign of summer, cicadas are emerging throughout Illinois after hibernating underground for years. There are three types of cicadas in Illinois: Annual cicadas and periodic cicadas, which emerge in 13-year and 17-year cycles. Seventeen-year cicadas are the longest living insect known to man. No one knows why, but Illinois has the…Continue Reading

Tanya Andricks3

LISTEN: Tanya Andricks of Crossing Healthcare

July 6th, 2020- Tanya Andricks of Crossing Healthcare joins Byers & Co. to talk about providing healthcare for children including immunizations that may have been missed due to the pandemic and how missing school has impacted the well being of children. Listen to the podcast now.Continue Reading