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Hybrid Court

Hybrid Court graduates 10 in latest class

DECATUR–  The Macon County Hybrid Court continues to be a success as the latest class graduated 10 new members on Friday afternoon.   The hybrid court takes the cases of people who have plead guilty in a felony drug or alcohol case and instead of being sent to the department of corrections, they are put…Continue Reading

Michael Madigan and Bruce Rauner

House approves 30 day budget; Madigan remains vague on Governor talks

SPRINGFIELD– The thoughts of House Speaker Michael Madigan following the latest House session — which resulted in a one-month budget getting passed — sound awfully familiar. Madigan says he knows Governor Bruce Rauner won’t sign the one-month plan, and that the House will stay in session all summer until everyone plays nice. “What we need…Continue Reading

Bob Fallstrom

Veteran reporter Fallstrom dead at 88

DECATUR– Veteran Herald & Review reporter Bob Fallstrom passed away on Thursday at the age of 88.   The longtime reporter worked at the Herald & Review for 66 years before his retirement last month. During his time at the paper he was a sportswriter, sports editor, lifestyle editor, general assignment reporter, and most recently…Continue Reading

Decatur Public Library

Greenfield: This is the only offer on the table

DECATUR – The Macon County Board indicated on Thursday evening that they are ready for the library sale’s decision to be over with.   With the City Council taking another 2 weeks to make a decision about the library’s future, the county board knows this is the only offer they will accept.  Macon County Board…Continue Reading

Grand Jury Sign

County Board approves additional Circuit Court money

DECATUR–  An $80,000 dip into their general fund to pay for an increase in juror fees has Macon County officials concerned.   The County Board on Thursday approved the transfer of $80,000 from the general fund into the Circuit Court fund to pay for an increase in juror fees that went into effect last month.…Continue Reading

Capitol Building

State employees could get special loans

SPRINGFIELD — State employees who won’t get paid until a budget is passed may be eligible for interest-free loans.   Through the treasurer’s office’s program which provides banks money for specific loans, some credit unions will offer loans for up to 50 percent of a state employee’s salary. No interest will be due until 31…Continue Reading

Scam Alert

Beware of new phone scam targeting seniors

DECATUR – The Decatur Police Department would like everyone to be aware of a new phone scam occurring that targets mostly seniors.   Officer George Kestner of the Crime Prevention Office says a scam is going around in which a suspect is calling elderly victims posing as an IRS agent and attempting to gain financial…Continue Reading

Meat Recall

Stewardson-based packing plant recalls 100 pounds of pork product

SPRINGFIELD, IL- T & L Locker, a Stewardson, Illinois establishment, has recalled 100 pounds of uninspected smoked pork products sold through a retail establishment in Arthur, Illinois.  Under state and federal regulations, meat products produced without the benefit of inspection are not known to be safe for human consumption and are required to be recalled.…Continue Reading

First Gig Rock 'n' Roll

First Gig Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp

DECATUR – First Gig Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp is this week and the camp has been teaching local kids about several areas of music.   This week students ages 10-17 have been learning to sound, compose, produce, and perform like rock stars says Decatur Camp Coordinator Mikey Schoneman.  He says every kid gets a great…Continue Reading