Health experts stress “common-sense” safety measures to curb COVID spread

Health experts stress “common-sense” safety measures to curb COVID spread

July 23, 2020 – With the recent uptick in COVID-19 cases, health experts say members of the public can follow common-sense safety measures to help counter the trend.  

The measures include: maintaining six feet of distance whenever possible, washing hands frequently and thoroughly, and wearing a mask in crowded or public spaces.  Those who are unable to wear a mask due to health reasons are reminded to avoid public places if possible due to their conditions putting them at greater risk to serious complications if they contract COVID-19.

“It is incredibly important to take the proactive measures we have been promoting,” said Brandi Binkley, administrator, Macon County Health Department. “As we predicted, the number of cases is starting to increase. Ignoring masking and social distancing guidance definitely contributes to this increase.”

“As a healthcare care leader and community member, I see that people are growing weary of the ongoing effects of this pandemic,” said Tanya Andricks, CEO, Crossing Healthcare. “We must remain diligent and focused recognizing this is not over. Each of us can commit to the simple act of wearing a mask, washing our hands and maintaining social distance. These are ways we can both care for our friends and neighbors and slow the spread of this virus.”

To be effective, a face covering or mask should cover the person’s nose and mouth, and should fit closely to their face.

“As health care leaders, we are committed to keeping our patients, employees, and communities safe. This includes everyone wearing a mask in our clinics and on our campuses. We also know that individual choices in our communities are a major factor in the success of our fight against coronavirus and the pandemic,” said Harry Lausen, DO, SIU Medicine’s chief medical officer.

With other states currently seeing spikes in cases that are straining their medical resources and forcing closures of reopened businesses, the organizations say it remains critical to follow health guidelines that help reduce the spread of the virus.