How To Make A Mask: Sew, Simple Sew and No-Sew Designs

How To Make A Mask: Sew, Simple Sew and No-Sew Designs

April 9, 2020 – The CDC and public health officials are urging people to cover their nose and mouth when going out in public. NowDecatur is offering you a guide to a sewing machine mask, a simple sew mask as well as a no-sew mask.

As a reminder, there is a stay at home order and spending time in public should be limited to essential trips only.  While in public, a mask is NOT a substitute for social distancing practices, so please still adhere to the 6 foot rule when you are around others and limit your time in public spaces.

The following sewing machine option can be found at  The site includes printable patterns and step by step directions. You can also watch the tutorial for this mask below with’s Lindsay Romano. This tutorial also includes instructions on how to make T-shirt yarn, an excellent and free alternative to elastic.

If you would like a ‘No-Sew” option, Check out THIS LINK.  This option provides designs using everyday materials you can find at home.

If you do not have a sewing machine and would like a “simple-sew” option, please check out the video below by JoAnn Fabric.