Macon County Jail to Suspend All Public Visitations Until Further Notice

Macon County Jail to Suspend All Public Visitations Until Further Notice

March 13th, 2020 – The Macon County Jail will suspend all public on-site inmate visitation until further notice in an attempt to minimize individuals who utilize the public visitation booths at the jail from contracting COVID-19 (Coronavirus).  The members of the public who have scheduled a visit for Friday, March 13, 2020, will still be allowed to visit, however, future visits will not be allowed.  Off-site visiting with inmates will still be allowed via remote visitation through the visitation website at .

We will be continuously monitoring this constantly evolving situation and the visitations will be reinstated as soon as it has been determined it is safe to do so.  We understand this does have an impact on some members of the community who rely on on-site visiting, however, we also want to do everything we can to minimize the spread of this virus throughout the community.

Attorneys with clients currently housed in the jail will still be allowed to do on-site visits.  We do encourage them to take precautions when doing so and by not visiting (if possible) if they have:


  • Traveled to an area where COVID-19 is spreading within the past 14 days, or had close contact with someone who has;


  • Been around people who are sick with colds or flu or had symptoms themselves;


  • Had a fever or have a fever within the past week;


  • Have been nauseated, have vomited or had diarrhea in the past week.


The McLean County Jail has also suspended visitations until April 10th.