Tate & Lyle Offers Special Food Drive Incentive for DPS61

Tate & Lyle Offers Special Food Drive Incentive for DPS61

September 30, 2019 – Tate and Lyle is once again offering a special food drive incentive to the students at District 61.  Through Tate & Lyle’s partnership with the Public Schools Foundation, the company is providing $500 gift cards to the top 5 Decatur public schools who bring in the most food and donations. In the past, Tate & Lyle has celebrated the achievement of giving by DPS students with I-pads and all school pizza parties.  Last year, DPS students raised nearly 140 thousand pounds of food for the drive. In 2018, first place Dennis Lab School raised over 33 thousand pounds of food.  Despite this incentive being open only to DPS61, all donations can be credited to the Macon County school of your choice to help schools competing for the WSOY Food Drive School Prizes. 

Thanks to our community partners, we are able to again offer a substantial financial award to the top five local schools that collect the most canned food or monetary donations for our drive.  Individuals and groups can collect food ahead of time or come out to Kroger that day and donate food or cash in the name of a particular school.  The top five schools that generate the most food in pounds will be awarded a cash prize. Cash donations made by schools are also converted to pounds and count towards the schools total. In this case, cash weighs more than cans!  Anyone can help support their favorite school by donating in the name of the school.  Parents, grandparents, booster clubs, bands, athletic teams and teachers can and will make the difference.  All Macon County Schools grades K-12 are eligible to participate.

This year’s cash awards are as follows:

1st Place – $2,500

2nd Place – $1,500

3rd Place – $1,000

4th Place – $750

5th Place – $500