Dec the Town – Anna Thai

Unlike other food, real Thai cooking is a balancing act in which hot, sour, sweet, salty, and bitter tastes are brought into robust, tasty, dish. These make Thai food well-known in the world. And no one does it better than Anna Tai in downtown Decatur.
Dine in a fresh modern atmosphere and enjoy a unique taste in Downtown Decatur. Anna Tai Cuisine offers a full menu of appetizers like your traditional egg rolls, crab Rangoon, tempura, satays and platters. But they also offer exotic soups to tempt any taste buds. Soups like a favorite Tom Kha Chicken: A Thai coconut milk and galangal chicken soup with mushrooms, green onion and cilantro. Or try their Poh Taek, a tasty combo of shrimp squid, scallops, and mussels seasoned with chili, lime, mushroom, basil, scallions and cilantro.
They also offer tasty Thai salads that can get you away from your routine! Try a young papaya salad with grape tomato, green bean, ground peanut with Thai lime dressing. Or their popular Banana blossom salad with Ground Chicken, Shrimp, Banana blossom, red onion, peanut, mint, scallion, cilantro in coconut lime dressing. They also offer traditional fried rice and stir fry like their lava and orange chicken. Golden crispy chicken in a sweet sauce that you can kick up a notch by asking for more heat! 
Anna Thai also offers a selection of Thai curries with your choice of Chicken, beef, pork, tofu, seafood or vegetables. And don’t forget their unbelievable Pad Thai! One of Lindsay’s favorites! For a new spin, try one of Anna’s specials like the Heaven Duck Curry! A Roasted duck cooked in red curry sauce with pineapple, grape tomato, basil, green and red bell peppers. Or Anna’s Jerk Chicken: Fried chicken tossed in the chef’s spicy signature sauce and steamed vegetable. Anna Thai also offers a Japanese menu with traditional sashimi, sushi and sushi rolls! If you haven’t tried Anna Thai, you are really missing out on a unique taste right here in downtown.
Visit them today for lunch or dinner at 253 N. Main St!