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Harristown and others attend informative meeting regarding water options

Harristown and others attend informative meeting regarding water options

January 25 – As the village of Harristown continues to weigh their options for residential water, the United Regional Water Co-Op held a meeting in Illiopolis to offer conclusions.


The village is still gathering information and the board is still investigating options. Deputy Clerk for the village of Harristown Tammy Walker says right now the board isn’t leaning one way or another and is keeping an open mind.


“We want to do what’s best for the village and they’re thinking long-term as well as what can be done right now,” says Walker.


The meeting featured several mayors from small towns interested in the United Regional Water Co-Op. The United Regional Water Co-Op would be run by EJ Water. All towns in the co-op would get an equal say on a governing board.  EJ Water would construct a brand new water plant near Illiopolis because they have the most wells.


Walker says the EJ Water team wants to keep the towns in the loop and will have informative meetings in the future. She says they will continue to look at options.


“The United Regional Water Co-Op is not set in stone by any means whatsoever,” says Walker. “We’re still looking at the options of drilling a new well, building a new water plant or possibly going on Decatur water.”