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Forsyth village board reviews proposals for library refurbishing and liquor store hours

Forsyth village board reviews proposals for library refurbishing and liquor store hours

January 23 – The Forsyth village board is working on a proposal that would help refurbish the library and is contemplating passing a request that would allow local liquor stores extended hours during the holiday season.


The board discussed a request from Friar Tuck regarding the hours of operation for retail alcohol sales under the liquor license ordinance.  Friar Tuck requested to be allowed to sell starting at 9 a.m. on Sundays during December and at 10 or 11a.m. on Sundays during the rest of the year.


Their proposal is for the month of December but Village Trustee Dave Wendt says the consensus of the board was to make it consistent twelve months of the year in an effort to promote economic activity and to help with sales tax revenue for the village.


“The way we looked at it is for ease of administration, let’s have one set of rules and if the business doesn’t want to open that early during part of the year that’s their business decision,” says Wendt.


Friar Tuck says Christmas shoppers during November and December are a large portion of their annual sales. Currently, Forsyth’s package sales license restricts sales to start at noon on Sunday, while the restaurant license sales starts at 11a.m. on Sunday.


Another item the board is reviewing a proposal for the library furnishing project. Wendt says renovations were necessary around five years ago that involved foundation work, interior with new carpet and paint and now the last step is modernizing furnishings.


“The small conference room had big heavy tables that weren’t on casters and were hard to get out of the way if someone had to use the room,” says Wendt. “We want seating areas in the library where you can sit and relax and read a newspaper.”


The designs and items that are proposed will allow more efficient use of spaces in the library and easier conversion of the small meeting room to different configurations.


Wendt says the total amount came in slightly over budget. He says because of this, the director’s office redo was removed in order to stay under budget.  The village inquired about losing any discounts if they didn’t buy the furniture now and was confirmed that not only would discounts be lost, but that prices are scheduled to go up next year.  The village decided to keep the office in the project and will be slightly over budget.


Wendt says next meeting the board will have a resolution prepared to donate the old but usable furniture to an organization like Habitat for Humanity


“Some things are still functional and if somebody can get use out of that we will dispose of that surplus property that way but it needs to go through the formal process of being declared ‘surplus property’ and then donated,” says Wendt.