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Decatur City Limitless
Kids imaginations run crazy at the Cardboard Challenge (photos included)

Kids imaginations run crazy at the Cardboard Challenge (photos included)

October 14 – All kinds of cardboard creations filled the programming room at the Decatur Public Library.


That was thanks to Baby TALK along with the help of Midwest Fiber participating in their second year for the Global Cardboard Challenge.  Boxes were available for children five and under and their families to use the plastic box cutters, screwdriver and screws to make whatever their imagination came up with.


Director of Local Programming at Baby TALK Cindy Bardeleben says it’s a great event for Baby TALK to be a part of.


“Really it’s about imagination and playing with boxes and having fun,” says Bardeleben. “We like it at Baby TALK because it’s a fun activity that parents and children can do together.”


Bardeleben says this is an event that dads really seem to enjoy.


“This is event is one that dads seem to shine at,” says Bardeleben. “It’s constructive and imaginative and dads like to build things.”


Bardeleben says it was interesting to see what could be created by families in a six hour period.


“It’s fun to see how each family comes up with a different creation,” says Bardeleben. “I’ve seen fire trucks, TV’s and castles and then those morph into something else when the next family comes in.”


Baby TALK’s mission is to create the positive interactions between parents and children. Baby TALK will be hosting their 30th Anniversary next Saturday, October 22nd at Infusion Bar and Banquet Center. To learn more you can click here.