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Children’s Museum holding public rummage sale tomorrow

Children’s Museum holding public rummage sale tomorrow

September 8 – The Children’s Museum of Illinois is offering the public a chance to own some of the items you may have seen at their facility.


They are holding a rummage sale that is one of two held this year as a way to help create new exhibits and to get rid of clutter.


Executive Director of the Children’s Museum of Illinois Amber Kaylor says it’s a necessary event.


“Every year we close down for a week in the first part of September for what we call a ‘work week,’ and that’s our opportunity to deep clean the museum,” says Kaylor. “We clean our storage area of things we don’t use anymore like programming items that are still in good condition but aren’t being utilized in the museum.”


Today the museum gave first crack of items in the sale to teachers in the area. Tomorrow will be the public opening from 10am-4:30pm. Participants can buy a $5 bag or $10 bucket and fill either of those up with items in the sale. Some items are specially priced because they are larger.


“There’s a lot of really nice and interesting things in there and people get excited with what they can find and it’s a great opportunity to clear space for us and pass those things onto new homes,” says Kaylor.


The proceeds for the rummage sale will go towards a new exhibit for the Children’s Museum called the “Illumination Station.” The exhibit is the equivalent of a large Lite Brite.


Kaylor says the Illumination Station will be a wonderful addition to the museum and will be upstairs on our second floor.