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ESPN Decatur, Decatur Park District hosting ‘Game Day’

ESPN Decatur, Decatur Park District hosting ‘Game Day’

May 16 – A competition involving a flurry of athletic and leisure activities will take place this weekend during the ESPN Decatur ‘Game Day.’


Decatur Indoor Sports Center (DISC) Recreation Supervisor Rachael Bishop says Game Day will serve as a preview to the Decatur Games that will be held later this summer.


“It will kind of be a mini-day of what we will offer later in July,” Bishop says.  “We are trying to showcase and get the word out what we will be doing later this summer.”


Game Day includes six events and takes place this Saturday, May 21st at the DISC.  The events include head-to-head trivia, the grand prize game of Cornhole, putting challenge, E.S.P.N. Shootout (Horse style basketball contest), futbol penalty shots, and an ultimate relay race.  Bishop says many of the events are a form of what will take place at the Decatur Games.  She says Game Day occurs in just one day, unlike the Decatur Games, which spans two weeks.


“Sometimes people don’t have the time to do two weeks of events,” Bishop explains.  “So I think the whole one-day style is more conducive for people who want to come hang out for a couple hours and not have to plan an event every night for those two weeks.”


The Game Day winning team receives a cash prize and $100 off admission for the 2016 Decatur Games.  The cost for Game Day is $15 per person and each team can include up to 5 players.


The head-to-head trivia includes four rounds with five questions answered one-at-a-time.  The Cornhole/bags game will have participants throw bags from 4 distances.  The putting challenge is a three-hole challenge.  The E.S.P.N. Shootout is just like horse, except you get four letters instead of five.  Participants will shoot penalty shots at a soccer goal with a goalie in net for the futbol challenge.  Finally, the ultimate relay race includes a number of challenges over different legs for different members.


Check in/sign up time begins at noon and the events start at 1 p.m.  Game Day will take place inside and outside of the DISC.  For any more information, you can call the DISC at (217) 429-3472, or you can click here.