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State GOP offers own solution to higher education funding

State GOP offers own solution to higher education funding

DECATUR–  State Senator Chapin Rose thinks his solution to funding higher education is head and shoulders above the rest.


Rose, along with his colleague State Senator Dale Righter submitted a bill late last week that would provide funding to state run universities, community colleges, and the MAP Grant program.


Joining Byers and Company Monday morning, Rose said the difference between his bill and the one passed by democrats last week was that his plan actually has a funding mechanism, “We have tied higher education funding to the governor’s proposed procurement reform to actually pay for some of this funding.”


Rauner said last week that he believes the state could save up to $500 million annually by rethinking and retooling the way the state pays for everyday items like office supplies.


Rose’s proposed bill would fund public universities at 80% of their current levels, community colleges at 90%, and provide funding for the state’s MAP Grants.


Rose says he believes the bill passed by democrats last year will get vetoed by the Governor, “It’s a piecemeal funding approach that the democrats have taken this entire time and it hasn’t worked.”


Combined with procurement reform, the Republican higher education funding plan would allow for up to $1.7 billion to be spent in higher education.


Rose says he intends to find a democrat to co-sponsor his bill.