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Newell’s Auto Body Christmas Wish

Newell’s Auto Body Christmas Wish


DECATUR – Some people cannot afford to have a reliable vehicle, but when one is given to you, it can be pretty life changing.


“I was so shocked.   It’s hard to say someone is deserving of anything, but I am so glad to have these people in my life,” says Robin Whitaker of Argenta.


Whitaker was the recipient of the Newell’s Auto Body Christmas Wish.  It’s been a hard year for Whitaker, but now she is the owner of a fully-refurbished 2005 Cadillac CTS, along with several other items.  Dishing out several thanks, Whitaker says she is excited to have a vehicle she doesn’t have to worry about.


“My best vehicle is my van right now, and just driving here I could smell the burnt oil,” says Whitaker, “and my daughter is about to be driving age.  But I don’t think she will not be driving my new Cadillac, that’s for sure.”


Our team at NowDecatur received over 300 nominations for the car, but, aside from being very deserving, Whitaker was nominated the most by 90 different people.  A friend of Robin’s shared her story with us.  Robin’s husband Todd Whitaker was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in May of 2013, and passed away this year on May 31st.  Todd was an ER nurse, volunteer firefighter, husband and father.  Together they have four school-aged kids, so you can imagine how hard it was for the family to make ends meet.


“Daily, people say they are praying for me and I know I have them by my side,” she says.  “I just can’t thank everyone enough.  This is a true blessing.”


Newell’s owner Todd Newell says it was their pleasure to give someone a vehicle that they certainly deserve.


“She is a very deserving woman and we are just glad we could help her out,” he says.  “I just wish we had 10 of these to give away.”


Along with the car, Whitaker gets a $50 gas card from Billingsley Automotive, $50 in car washes from Rainstorm, $80 from Speed Lube, $100 in dry cleaning from Peerless, and 6 months of car insurance from Country Financial Agent Jeff Ludwick.