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Illinois House to discuss local tax revenue release

Illinois House to discuss local tax revenue release

SPRINGFIELD – The Illinois House convenes today and faces a decision on legislation that could free up money owed to local governments.


Municipalities all over Illinois are still waiting on the state to release the already-collected taxes, like the motor-fuel tax, and cell phone tax supporting emergency-dispatch services.  The House had overwhelmingly endorsed the legislation in November to authorize releasing nearly $1.9 billion in tax revenue.


Decatur City Manager Tim Gleason says the money is much needed, and could add more than $500,000 to the general fund.


“I’m looking forward to getting the tax revenues from the state as that will be a little more than $500,000, to date,” says Gleason.  “It would be used to reimburse some of the existing projects that we have already done that had to be paid for out of our general revenue.”


In November, the Senate did not receive the legislation because Democratic House Speaker Michael Madigan held on to the bill.  He said on Tuesday the measure might have spending added before he sends it to the Senate.