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Decatur City Limitless
House approves release of local tax revenue, again

House approves release of local tax revenue, again

SPRINGFIELD – The Illinois House has once again approved the release of already-collected tax revenues to municipalities and cities.


This means about $500,000 of tax revenue is one step closer to the City of Decatur.  City Manager Tim Gleason said previously that that money would be used to replenish the general fund.


Last time the House approved the bill, it was not forwarded to the Senate because House Speaker Michael Madigan held on to it.  This time around, however, Rep. Bill Mitchell is confident it will go all the way through.


“This was an amended Senate bill, so I think the Senate will come back on Monday and pass it,” says Mitchell.  “The governor has also indicated he is willing to release the monies, so local municipalities should get their money, which is as it should be.”


Mitchell says the bill included the motor-fuel tax, 9-1-1 tax, and about $28 million that will go to domestic violence shelters.  He thinks this is a positive step.


“This is a good day for us,” he says.  “I wouldn’t say it was great, because we still are operating without a budget, but we are getting somewhere.”


“That we had to put municipalities through this travail in the first place is a shame on the General Assembly,” Mitchell adds.


Up next, Mitchell believes, is releasing MAP grant money to community colleges.  He says several House Republicans are trying to work towards getting that money passed, but he says it might not get done today.