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“Giving Tuesday” supports local charities

“Giving Tuesday” supports local charities

DECATUR – We are in the season of giving, and it is important that we remember our local charities and not-for-profits during the holidays.


Giving is exactly what Decatur did on Tuesday during the nationwide “Giving Tuesday” event.  Several community members showed up to First United Methodist Church in Decatur over the lunch hour to hear about local organizations and how their donation will help the community.  Leon and Barb Bolin gave to several of the organizations, and Leon says it is the right thing to do.


“We know there are people hurting out there that have a lot of needs,” says Bolin.  “It’s just the right thing to do to do what you can to help those in need.  The church made it easy for us to come and give to a number of organizations.”


The church hosted their Giving Tuesday event and brought in 16 different organizations that operate in Macon County.  Director of Children and Family Ministries Jennifer Horton-Motter says starting your holiday season by giving to others is a great thing.


“I saw the passion that this community has and thought this would be a good event for people to give to others instead of shopping only for themselves,” says Horton-Motter.  “All of our local organizations do so much good for the community.  All of your money will stay in the Decatur area to support your neighbors.”


The Bolin’s both worked in the mental health field and say they understand what it is like to help out people in need, but this is a different level.


“We are giving back because we are so blessed,” says Mrs. Bolin.  “Macon County has a wonderful group of agencies that just give and give and they are ones you can trust.  I’m happy we were able to come today and give back.”


While bringing several organizations to one place is partly for convenience sake, the Bolin’s were grateful for another reason.


“We’ve worked with a few of these organizations, but never really met them,” says Mrs. Bolin.  “Some of them we have never even heard about.  So it is really good to get out here and meet the people in person who are essentially working in the trenches every day.”


Rev. Shane Hartman with Dove, Inc. felt similar, but had offers the perspective from a charity.


“I’m glad the church brought us all here because it is good for networking,” says Hartman.  “I talk to some of these people all the time on the phone, but I have never met them face-to-face until now.  It is nice to put a face to the voice and makes it easier for me to work closely with them.”


First United Methodist Church is also allowing you to come after work from 4-6 pm if you want a chance to give back on this “Giving Tuesday.”