Krekel’s West groundbreaking

Krekel’s West groundbreaking

DECATUR–  One of Decatur’s staple restaurants is breaking new ground.


Krekel’s West, one of 5 fast food restaurants bearing the Krekel’s signature, broke ground on a new store Monday morning. Krekel’s West owner Todd Teel’s new store will be located just one lot north of the current location inside Coloniel Mall.


“We have been in the mall for quite a while now and people always ask me when I was going to build out and do a standalone store,” Teel said. “Once this lot became open for purchase a year or so ago I just felt it was time to make the jump.”


Teel says the 3000 square foot store will have room for inside seating, outdoor covered seating, and a drive-thru, “we think the drive-thru is going to be our best addition because of the traffic we see in this area,” Teel added.


While the Krekel’s name is an institution in Decatur, Teel says the new store will hold some significance that the other four locations don’t, “This will be the first Krekel’s from the ground up… every store other than ours was moved into their location after the brick and mortar were put in place.”


Greater Decatur Chamber of Commerce President Mirinda Rothrock said the new store will be a continuation of good things on Decatur’s west side, “We have the new high school over here, the Walgreens was put up a couple of years ago, we recently had the County Market open up… the momentum keeps rolling for this part of town.”


Teel says the weather will dictate the pace of the construction of the building but expects it to be finished within four to five months. Until the new building is complete, Krekel’s West will remain open in their current location.


Krekel’s West is one of five locations for the hamburger and custard shop; others include Krekel’s Custard on Wood Street, Krekel’s Dairy Maid on Main Street, Krekel’s Kustard on Woodford Street, and Krekel’s Custard on Rt. 121.