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Bistro Five Thirty Seven celebrates one year of operation (w/ Video)

Bistro Five Thirty Seven celebrates one year of operation (w/ Video)




DECATUR – Bistro Five Thirty Seven at Richland Community College is approaching one full year of operation.


The restaurant initially opened in late September of 2014 in Richland’s Shilling Center.  Director of the Culinary Arts program, Chef Brian Tucker says it isn’t easy opening a new restaurant, but they have slowly figured it out.  Chef Tucker explains how the menu gets put together for the restaurant.


“I try to base the menu on the season, what’s available at that time, and what is good at that time,” says Tucker.  “I also think about a good balance of techniques that I want the students to learn.  So basically I look at the food, but also how it is prepared and how that will help each student.”


Chef Tucker says he changes the menu every month and a half during the course of a semester.  He says he prepares the first two menus, but leaves the third menu up to the students as their final project.  Tucker explained that the students are graded on the food choice, pricing, time to cook, and several other measures involved with making a menu.


Chef Tucker says their program is two years.  He says they prepare students to be able to work all over the world, so the future is completely in the students’ hands.


The restaurant is operated by students enrolled in culinary arts at Richland and serves lunch and dinner on Tuesdays and Thursdays.