Tourism in Illinois continues to rise

Tourism in Illinois continues to rise

CHICAGO – The number of tourists visiting Illinois increased by 3.5% last year.


2014 was the fourth year in a row that tourism grew with more than 109 million people visiting Illinois.  State Office of Tourism Director Cory Jobe says they are working hard to show Illinois has a lot to offer.


“We have such a diverse offering in terms of tourism opportunities in this state,” says Jobe.  “We have places all over Illinois that tourists can visit from the city of Chicago to the beautiful natural resources in southern Illinois at the Shawnee National Forest.”


Jobe says they will continue to promote Illinois tourism with a new leisure and travel magazine that will go out twice a year, along with an online edition that is updated every month.  He adds that the tourism office will also launch a “Made in Illinois” marketing campaign to promote our state.


Tourism has generated thousands of jobs and nearly $3 billion in sales tax here in Illinois.