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4-H Memorial Camp (Video Included)

4-H Memorial Camp (Video Included)



Monticello — Outdoor activities have been pretty hard to do with all of this rain lately, but a Monticello summer camp has been working out alright.


4-H Memorial Camp is located in Allerton Park in Monticello, IL and sees nearly 120 different camp events a year.  4-H camp is now in its third 4-H week of the summer and Camp Director Curt Sinclair says they have been going strong despite the rain.


“I find that it doesn’t really dampen any spirits,” says Sinclair. “As long as there isn’t a dangerous situation with any kind of severe storms or lightning, our program goes on.”


Sinclair says aside from the rain, mosquitoes have been a problem this summer.  However, he assures that plenty of bug spray is available to go around.  Sinclair adds that the campers’ parents have been the ones more worried about the weather while the kids find a way to have fun regardless.