Farm Progress Show Director Jungmann talks show details during luncheon

Farm Progress Show Director Jungmann talks show details during luncheon

DECATUR–  The Farm Progress Show is returning to Decatur in two months bigger and better than ever.


Speaking at the Greater Decatur Chamber of Commerce annual ag luncheon, FPS director Matt Jungmann said a record setting 2013 in Decatur is setting up for an even bigger 2015. “Decatur is annually one of our largest shows and after several hundred thousand attended the show in 2013 we are preparing for an even bigger year this year.”


In anticipation of the larger crowds and even more exhibitors, the FPS site at Progress City USA has expanded by 400,000 square feet, bringing the total exhibitor space to 2.9 million feet and the total show space to roughly 90 acres.


With over two months until the show officially returns, Jungmann said they are keeping most of the new technology under wraps for now, “It’s a little early to reveal some of the new exhibits, but I can say that we are keeping with tradition and making sure there will be some new, great pieces of equipment from many of our exhibitors.”


And, Jungmann said, it’s not just the old guard companies presenting this year, “There are some new exhibitors, both new to the Farm Progress Show, and new to the industry, that have some really neat stuff they are excited to unveil and compete with the big boys.”


In addition to the farming equipment exhibits, Jungmann says they are planning to bring back their field demonstrations, which they had to skip in 2013 because of the historic drought, “The weather hasn’t been great, there has been a lot of rain, but when it comes to talking about the weather we always talk about the heat that is required to bring the crop along on time for us to be able to do the field demonstrations, and that’s something that we’ve gotten this year.”


The Farm Progress Show made Decatur a bi-annual location for their show in 2005, and since that time has averaged well over 100,000 attendees during the three day event. The FPS returns to Decatur September 1st through the 3rd. More information can be found on their website by clicking here.