State’s Attorney’s office creates task force to combat gang violence

State’s Attorney’s office creates task force to combat gang violence

DECATUR—The Macon County State’s Attorney’s office is launching a new task force aimed at curbing gang violence.


Macon County State’s Attorney Jay Scott said the new unit, headed up by Assistant State’s Attorney Pamela Domash, will focus all of their efforts in the stoppage and prosecution of gang related crime.


“Pamela has been focusing on stopping gang crime and getting gang bangers off of the street for some time now and has done a great job,” Scott said. “We thought it would be best to give her the leverage to fight this crime on a full-time basis and we will give her the necessary help she needs to get the job done.”


Scott said while gang activity isn’t as prevalent in Decatur as it is in Champaign, Springfield, or Bloomington, it is still a problem that needs to be addressed, “We have arrested about 23 or 24 gang members since the start of 2014 and gang violence is something you want to stop before it ever really gets started.”


“We combated and defeated the gangster disciples and vice lords in the mid 90s and they never really came back to Decatur,” Scott said. “Gangs today aren’t centrally managed like they were in the 90s, they are splintered off which sometimes makes them more difficult to discover. I think this gang unit will help us effectively deter that type of criminal activity.”


Scott says his office will continue to work with the Macon County Sheriff’s office and the Decatur Police Department to combat gang crime.