McElroy tops challengers; wins reelection bid for Mayor

McElroy tops challengers; wins reelection bid for Mayor

DECATUR–  Aside from trailing after one precinct had reported, the reelection of Mayor Mike McElroy was never really in doubt.


McElroy won his reelection bid on Tuesday night, receiving just over 46% of the vote, or 5,190 out of 11,100 total votes cast.


McElroy, who has served as Mayor since 2009 and has been on the Council since 2003, said he was happy with the result and is looking forward to continuing what momentum has already been started, “I’ve said this whole campaign that I wanted to win reelection to finish the job that we as a Council have started and I am happy to be able to do that.”


McElroy noted continued lakefront development, and the further development of the Midwest Inland Port as two of the major projects he is looking forward to continuing over the next four years, “We have wonderful partnerships with various organizations and the Park District and those have been going great. Decatur has had a lot of good come its way as of late and I believe there is more of where that came from.”


McElroy defeated three challengers to his seat; Bishop Livingston was the closest challenger, receiving 35% of the vote, Councilman Pat McDaniel was behind him with 14% of the vote, and Dustin Chapman received just over 3% of the vote.


As for his relationship with the Council, and specifically Pat McDaniel, McElroy said he saw no issues, “Pat and I have worked on the Council together for years now and we have always done our job and done what we thought was best for the city. A lot of people have asked me if it hurt my feelings that Pat ran, I can say that it did not, and I’m just looking forward to continuing what we started.”


McElroy celebrated his victory with a group of family, friends, and supporters, at the Beach House Restaurant in Nelson Park.