DPS-61 hosts ribbon cutting for MacArthur on Thursday

DPS-61 hosts ribbon cutting for MacArthur on Thursday

MacArthur PreviewDECATUR–  Three years after beginning an extensive reclamation project of their two public high schools, DPS-61 is ready to open MacArthur High School on Thursday.


The District has set a ribbon cutting for Thursday at 11:30 a.m. at the school with an additional open house being held tomorrow night from 5 until 7.


Originally slated to be open following winter break, the opening was delayed due to several construction and weather issues. But with work substantially completed, Superintendent Lisa Taylor says students and staff are ready to move in, “It’s been a long time but it is finally happening… I don’t know who honestly is more excited, the students or the staff.”


MacArthur was the second school to undergo a massive renovation project; Eisenhower High School was nearly completely gutted during its 18 month construction project before it reopened in December, 2013.


“Thursday’s open house will be a little freer flowing than Eisenhower’s was because MacArthur is more finished than Eisenhower when we did the open house there.” Taylor said. “I’m really looking forward to seeing the people’s faces when they walk through the front doors, I think people are going to really be amazed with what they see.”


Terrance ‘TAT’ Taylor will be the master of ceremonies for the 11:30 ribbon cutting. Also scheduled to speak are Superintendent Lisa Taylor, MacArthur principal Paul Ranstead, School Board President Brian Hodges, and MacArthur student ShawnTrez Spates.