Win Tickets to Jim Gaffigan

Win Tickets to Jim Gaffigan

Win Jim Gaffigan Tickets from 95Q

95Q has your chance to win tickets to see the one and only Jim Gaffigan at the State Farm Center in Champaign on Thursday October 17. Tune in each weekday (9/23 – 9/27 9am – 3pm) with Brittney for the ticket window to open for your chance to win tickets.


95Q Game of the Week Tailgate Stops

95Q Game of the Week Tailgate Stops

Tailgate Stop #1

Date: Friday, September 13th
Time: 4pm – 5pm
Location: Casey’s on Taylorville Road
Featured Game: St. Teresa @ Meridian
Prize You Can Win: Tickets to Illinois vs. Nebraska 9/21

Tailgate Stop #2

Date: Friday, September 20th
Time: 4pm – 5pm
Location: Casey’s on Mound Road
Featured Game: Tuscola @ St. Teresa
Prize You Can Win: Tickets to Illinois vs. Michigan 10/12

Tailgate Stop #3

Date: Friday, September 27th
Time: 4pm – 5pm
Location: Casey’s at Long Creek
Featured Game: Central A&M @ St. Teresa
Prize You Can Win: Tickets to Illinois vs. Michigan 10/12

Tailgate Stop #4

Date: Friday, October 4th
Time: 4pm – 5pm
Location: Casey’s at Mt. Zion 121
Featured Game: Taylorville @ Mt. Zion
Prize You Can Win: Tickets to Illinois vs. Rutgers 11/2

Tailgate Stop #5

Date: Friday, October 11th
Time: 4pm – 5pm
Location: Casey’s in Moroa
Featured Game: Athens @ Maroa-Forsyth
Prize You Can Win: Tickets to Illinois vs. Northwestern 11/30

Tailgate Stop #6

Date: Friday, October 18th
Time: 4pm – 5pm
Location: Casey’s on Mound Road
Featured Game: Warrensburg @ St. Teresa
Prize You Can Win: Tickets to Illinois vs. Wisconsin 10/19 Homecoming or
Daniel Boone Pellet Grill, Package of meats valued at $100

EEO August 1, 2018 – July 31, 2019

Equal Employment Opportunity Program
Annual Report

Neuhoff Media-Decatur LLC
Decatur, Illinois
August 1, 2018 – July 31, 2019

Full-Time Vacancies

The following full-time positions were filled during the reporting period:

#1 Assistant Program Director

#2 Photo/Video

#3 Account Executive

#4 Receptionist

Interview Sources

Sources of Interviews Conducted:

Pos. Job Title Date Filled Applicants Interviewed


Recruitment Sources Used Referral Source of Employee
#1 Assistant Program Director 2/25/2019 1 – #13

2- #11

#8, #11, #12, #13, #14 Inter company
#2 Photo-Video provider 1/9/2019 2- #1

1 – #13

#1, #3, #7, #11, #12, #13 On Air – employee referral
#3 Account Executive 1/2/2019 5-#1


2 -#12

#1, #7, #8, #10 #11, #12, #13 On Air – client referral
#4 Receptionist 5/6/2019 2 – #1

2 – #11

1 – #13

#1, #11, #12, #13 On Air


Recruitment Sources for Employment Notices




On Air Announcements:



250 North Water Street, Ste 100

Decatur, Illinois 62523


Mike Hulvey





The Herald & Review

601 East Williams Street, Decatur Illinois  62523 Gary Sawyer




Millikin University 1184 West Main Street, Decatur, Illinois 62522 Dr. Randy Brooks




Illinois Department of Employment 401 Longview Place

Decatur, Illinois 61920



Broadcast Employment Services


PO Box 4116

Oceanside CA 92052



Decatur Tribune


Millikin Court – Suite 424

PO Box 1490

Decatur Illinois  62525-1490





Richland Community College



One College Park

Decatur, Illinois 62521

Deborah McGee




Illinois Broadcasters Association

Job Bank

300 North Pershing, Suite B

Energy, IL  62933

Debra Gray




Illinois News Broadcasters Association 1 University Circle

Macomb, IL 61455

Bob Roberts



10 Regional Help Inc

1 Civic Center Plaza, Suite 506

Poughkeepsie NY 12601

Dale Mulder





Neuhoff Communications

250 North Water Street, Ste 100

Decatur, Illinois 62523

Michele Mitchell 217.423.9744


Neuhoff Media – Social Media Accounts Neuhoff Media-Decatur

250 North Water Street

Decatur, Illinois 62523

Kathy Byerly


13 Neuhoff Media – Decatur Internal Posting 217.423.9744
14 All All Access Music Group

28955 Pacific Coast Hwy

Suite 210

Malibu, CA 90265

On Air Position


15 Country Aircheck Country Aircheck

914 18th Ave South
Nashville, TN 37212


Lon Helton



Supplemental Outreach Initiatives

  1. Richland Community College Career Fair

High School Career Fair- January 7-9, 2019 – Decatur participated in a Career Fair program for students from area schools at Richland Community College. Students met with members of our staff who provided information about all facets of the broadcast and digital operations. Students were also informed about part-time and full-time positions within our company

  1.     Neuhoff Summer Media Camp

This annual program featured 20 students attending camp the week of June 24th, 2019 at the Danville Area Community College.  The program focused on young people interested in careers in the media field in general, but with an emphasis on radio, television broadcasting and writing. Members of the Neuhoff staff conduct hands on training in announcing, interviewing, reporting and public relations. In its 23rd year, the Summer Media Camp is responsible for a number of current or past staff members.

  • Decatur Luther Schools –Summer Career Tour

Neuhoff Media-Decatur staff participated in our annual series of instructional tour to students of Decatur Christian School. On Thursday, April 4th a student group visited the radio station.  They learned about careers currently available in the broadcast industry and future opportunities related to technology and innovation.

  1. Western Illinois University Manufacturing – Career Day

The VP-Business Development represented Neuhoff Media at the Western Illinois University Manufacturing Career Day at Western Illinois University on September 14th, 2018. Neuhoff participated on a panel as well as conducted individual meetings with audience members.

  1. Millikin University – First Midwest Music Expo

Neuhoff Media was represented at the Midwest Music Expo on May 3-4, 2019. This two-day conference set on the campus of Millikin University offered opportunity to exchange ideas in the music industry, learn the insights of podcasting, and branding. Neuhoff staff was represented on panels talking about the broadcasting industry.

  1. Illinois Broadcasters Job Board

Neuhoff Media- Decatur routinely lists each upper-level opening in a job bank or newsletter of a media trade group with a broad-based membership, including participation of women and minorities, such as the Illinois Broadcasters Association.

  1. Fast Forward Development Program

The Neuhoff Fast Forward program allows a staff member in each market to participate in this development program.  The Fast Forward participants learn from in-house experts plus outside speakers on subjects that lead to their professional development.  The goal is to build our next generation of leaders in all facets of our business from the inside first.

  1. Neuhoff Mentoring Program

A Neuhoff mentoring program has been established with senior team members and those identified through the Fast Forward Program.  Each member meets monthly with their senior level mentor.  The mentee receive direction on key career goals and personal development.

  1. Neuhoff Media Internship Program

We regularly provide internship opportunities to the community for the development of skill necessary for employment in the broadcast industry.  These internships focus on content, performance, support and development aspects.  Our internships have been utilized by high school, college and post educational members of the public. A total of four students from Illinois State University, Millikin University and Clinton High School served in this capacity during the reporting period.

  1. Senior Leadership Team EEO Training Program

Annually the Neuhoff Leadership Team is provided with training on EEO best practices. We’ve provided outside experts to train specifically on matters relating to discrimination, sexual harassment and other matter related to employee development.  We have retained the services a professional trainer to assist in these matters.

Kids Fest 2019

Kids Fest 2019



11AM – 4PM


Adults $4

Children $2

Dec the Town – Art Farm


Handmade goods. . Local Artisans. . Cultivating Creative Living.

At Art Farm, they believe in “Cultivating Creative Living”, by promoting local artists and artisans and helping you find one-of-a-kind art works for many tastes and budgets.

You can find jewelry, funky lamps, woodwork, home goods, wearables, cool stuff to sit on your shelves or hang on a wall, and of course original paintings and prints. All from local artists!

They have featured artist events and First Friday gallery openings, fun classes for kids and adults, and many other ideas that are taking seed. (They promise not to go to far with the farm puns – but hay, what can you do?)

They are also home to an amazing “ghost wall” – that is the Durham Tobacco mural that they uncovered by accident/luck during the renovation of our space. It pre-dates the building, which was built in 1885, and it was plastered over, so no one had seen this mural that was hidden right downtown for over 132 years!

Located in the heart of Downtown Decatur on the north side of Central Park, Art Farm is within walking distance of some great restaurants, shops, and the arts district.


Dec the Town – Board Knight

Board Knight is Decatur’s Friendly Local Game Shop open to all ages! They offer a wide variety of products including board games, collectible card games and any supplies you may need!

In addition to games, events are also held for Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon. They also have a wide array of demo games for customers to try before they purchase.  

If you’re not familiar with role play gaming? There are surprising benefits you may not realize.  If you bemoan your kids playing video games, consider games the whole family can enjoy!  Strip away the facade of monsters and swords, role-playing games revealed themselves to be something far more interesting than other traditional games. Behind the fantasy adventures is a fun social gathering that requires you to think on your toes, solve problems, be creative, and ultimately learn how to become a team player. Sound familiar? Yeah, that’s because it’s like every job out there. It really isn’t about swords, trolls and dragons at all—it’s about thinking critically and working like a team. It’s fun and more importantly, it’s for everybody!

Opened in 2013, Board Knight brought gamers together and created a place for all to feel welcomed. As the number of gamers, grew so did their need for space. In 2014, Board Knight relocated to its current location at 228 W. Main Street across from the Salvation Army.

They are conveniently located in downtown at 228 W Main Street with hours in the evenings and weekends. For a complete schedule of sales and events, check out their Facebook at