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GMO food labeling may happen nationwide

July 18 – Ever wonder if that cereal you feed your kids is made with bioengineered products?   Opponents of genetically modified organisms, or GMO, want foods that include GMO to be labeled. A measure headed to the president’s desk would nullify a GMO labeling law in Vermont that took effect July 1.   Central Illinois Congressman…Continue Reading

Ice Cream Safari 3

Scovill Zoo hosts annual Ice Cream Safari

July 18 – The Scovill Zoo was buzzing with children and families for their annual Ice Cream Safari.   Nearly 1,000 zoo goers made their way to the Scovill Zoo to not only take in some of the new animals but to indulge in some of the free ice cream donated by Prairie Farms ice cream.…Continue Reading

BabyTALK color run 10

UV Splash 5K color run benefits BabyTALK

July 17 – Runners lit up Forsyth Park for the BabyTALK UV Splash 5K color run.   The event had over 330 participants wearing white t-shirts. Throughout and at the end of the race for the runner’s efforts they were showered with paint. The black lights at the finish line made for quite the illuminous…Continue Reading

Chemistry Camp Millikin

Local students aid Millikin research during Chemistry Camp

July 15 – A group of local high school and junior high students are gaining interest in chemistry and, along the way, helping further the Millikin’s research.   Millikin University hosted their inaugural Chemistry Camp this week, giving students the chance to learn more about the subject in a more advanced setting.  Associate professor of…Continue Reading

Park Police Resize

Decatur Park Police gain out-of-jurisdiction power

July 15 – Decatur Park District Police will have more policing powers outside of park district property after the most recent Macon County Board meeting.   An intergovernmental agreement was approved that would allow Park District Police more policing authority within Macon County.   Current state legislature dictates that the police officers working for the…Continue Reading