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The List – The Top Influencers of 2019 – Drew Early

Drew Early President and CEO, Decatur Memorial Hospital  Who was your first mentor in life? My parents. The lessons they taught my siblings and me still resonate: be honest, work hard and carry yourself with integrity. I live by these concepts every day. What was your most memorable lesson? Push yourself out of your comfort…Continue Reading

Farm Bureau

LISTEN: Macon County Farm Bureau Scholarship Season

January 10th, 2020- It is Scholarship Season at the Macon County Farm Bureau which means members and their children majoring in an agricultural-related field may apply for a variety of scholarships offered this year. The scholarship application is available on and must be postmarked by March 1. Listen to the full podcast below with Macon County Farm Bureau Executive Vice President Tim Stock. Continue Reading

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LISTEN: Garfield Montessori Plastic Lids Drive

January 10th, 2020- Students and Faculty of Garfield Montessori are collecting plastic lids in efforts to gain five new playground benches for their new school. In order to get all five benches, over 10,000 pounds of lids will need to be collected throughout the school year. Continue Reading

Manufacturing jobs

Minimum Wage Increase Check

January 10th, 2020- As of the first of the year, the state’s minimum wage increased to $9.25 an hour and state officials are reminding employees to check their paychecks to make sure they see the increase. Illinois Department of Labor Director Michael Kleinik  The last minimum wage increase in Illinois was 10 years ago when the rate was increased to $8.25 per…Continue Reading