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LISTEN: ‘Coolest Thing Made in Illinois’

April 2nd, 2020- Dave Martin, recently retired from Caterpillar, joins Byers & Co. to talk about being on the ground floor of building the world’s largest mechanical truck having designed its initial electrical systems, and gives some mind-boggling statistics about the vehicle named the ‘Coolest Thing Made in Illinois’. Listen to the podcast now.Continue Reading

Dan Caulkins

LISTEN: State Representative Dan Caulkins

April 2nd, 2020- State Representative Dan Caulkins joins Byers & Co. to talk about how he is helping his constituents, whether there is room for party politics, the role of the National Guard, and his continuation of trying to change policy regarding FOID cards. Listen to the podcast now.Continue Reading

Paul Osborne

LISTEN: City Hall Insider with Paul Osborne

April 2nd, 2020- Former Mayor Paul Osborne joins Byers & Co. to bring you this week’s City Hall Insider. Osborne talks about being inspired by some of the stories he is seeing during the crisis, how his business has been impacted, his opinion of the governor, the use of this crisis in politics, and the Coronavirus…Continue Reading

Julie Moore Wolfe

LISTEN: City Daily Update with Mayor Julie Moore Wolfe – April 2nd

April 2nd, 2020- Mayor Julie Moore Wolfe joins Byers & Co. to bring you today’s City Daily Update. The Mayor talks about honor for Caterpillar, the changes to the bus service operations, the city’s level of preparation for the crisis, the local media’s role, and the issues of businesses and individuals not following safety guidelines. Listen…Continue Reading


LIHEAP Appointments For Energy Assistance Now Available

April 1st, 2020- The DMCOC is now taking applications for LIHEAP by phone on a 1st come, 1st served basis. To arrange an appointment call 217-428-0155 to schedule a time for an Energy Services Specialist to call and help complete applications. After submitting applications, the next step will be to bring in all required documentation (copies not…Continue Reading

Semi Trucks

Truckers Needed: Drivers Essential For Delivering Medical Supplies

April 1st, 2020-  Truckers are delivering essential medical equipment to the front lines across Illinois. Don Schaefer, executive vice president of the Mid-West Truckers Association, said the COVID-19 pandemic has strained the supply chain. However, he said supplies continue to move, especially after the government relaxed weight limits and allowed truckers to get in an extra two hours of driving in…Continue Reading


EDC of Macon County Offers Small Business Webinars

April 1st, 2020- The Macon County EDC in partnership with the Champaign County EDC, are working together to provide accurate training, information sharing, and guidance on the different financial assistance options available to small businesses in Illinois. They have created a new series of webinars that will provide details about the financial options available, including eligibility requirements,…Continue Reading

Screen Shot 2020-04-01 at 3.32.25 PM

Gov. Pritzker Announces Arts for Illinois Relief Fund

April 1, 2020 – Gov. JB Pritzker announced a new initiative; Arts for Illinois Relief Fund, that will provide immediate relief directly to individual artists and artisans, including stage and production crew members and part-time cultural workers, as well as art organizations, through grants to help those unable to work during this temporary shut-down.    Arts for Illinois is…Continue Reading