GT Church Host Women’s Conference “Refresh 2020”

GT Church Host Women’s Conference “Refresh 2020”

January 24th, 2020- GT Church will hold this year’s Women’s Conference “Refresh 2020.”  The two-day conference will be this weekend, January 24th-25th starting at 6pm at GT Church. This year’s theme is “God, You See Me” and will feature guest speaker Author and recording artist, Tammy Trent, and a special performance by Speed-painter, Jessica Haas.  

If you have ever been put into a position of which you had no control, you often wonder if God is aware of it. I’m reminded of Hagar, Sarai’s maidservant, being placed in a position of which she had no choice. She was given to Abram against her will because of Sarai’s impatience. You see, God promised Abram and Sarai that He would provide an heir through them, but for Sarai, God wasn’t moving fast enough. So, here’s Hagar pregnant with a son, she is fleeing from her mistress, but God Saw Her and heard her affliction. She is instructed by the Lord to return and submit to her mistress and added a blessing that her descendants would be too numerous to count. In Genesis, 16:13 Hagar declares “You are the God who sees me.” So, whatever you are facing, I want to let you know that you are not alone, and that God Sees you!

Tickets are now on sale for $35.00 until December 31. January 1 they will be $40.00. You may purchase your ticket at G.T. Church, or online at:

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