Last Chance For $10 Celebration Wristbands

Last Chance For $10 Celebration Wristbands

August 1, 2019 – If you plan to attend the Decatur Celebration, today is your last chance to get your wrist bands for $10.

The Decatur Celebration is in Central Park in downtown Decatur until 6pm to purchase advance wristbands. You can use their drive up option and they are accepting credit cards.

This morning, Decatur Earthmover Credit Union purchased $1000 in wristbands to provide as a buy one, get one promotion.  The popular BOGO promotion sold out in mere minutes with lines forming early in the morning. Even though the BOGO promotion is sold out, you can still purchase bands for $10.

Advance sales of wristbands at partner locations will also end today at end of business.

All adults must have a wristband to be admitted. Children 12 and under are free.

Wristband Locations

  • State Farm Insurance Offices
    • Ali Doolin-Hupp, 1101 Clement Ave. (Forsyth)
    • Al Schelling, 2398 East Wood St.
    • Carole Brooker, 2605 North Main St.
    • David Clark, 440 Sunset Ct. (Mt. Zion)
    • Diane Sullivan, 2950 North Water St.
    • Leo Berger, 455 West Eldorado St.
    • Melanie Schelling, 3350 North Water St.
    • Mike Mandrell, 1212 East Pershing Rd.
    • Susan Vermette, 440 North 22nd St.
  • Brinkoetter & Associates — 1610 East Pershing Rd.
  • CEFCU — 3301 North Woodford St.
  • Coffee Connection
    • 2505 N. Main St.
    • Inside Decatur Memorial Hospital
  • Colee’s Corner Drugs — 845 US-51 (Forsyth)
  • Dale’s Southlake Pharmacy — 245 West 1st Dr.
  • Decatur Area Convention & Visitors Bureau — 202 East North St.
  • Decatur Celebration Office — 160 E. Main St. 
  • Decatur Earthmover Credit Union
    • 2600 East Dividend Dr.
    • 4855 Aldi Dr.
    • 550 North Edward St.
    • 260 West Marion Ave. (Forsyth)
  • Decatur Family YMCA — 220 West McKinley Ave.
  • Door 4 Brewing Co. — 1214 West Cerro Gordo St.
  • First Mid Bank & Trust (All Branches)
    • 1501 East Eldorado St.
    • 560 East Pershing St.
    • 455 North Main St.
    • 1685 South Franklin St.
    • 4825 US-36
    • 100 South Water St.
    • 1090 US-51 South (Forsyth)
  • Greater Decatur Chamber of Commerce — 101 South Main St. #102
  • Hickory Point Bank (All Branches)
    • 225 North Water St.
    • 4666 Fairies Parkway
    • 10 Southland Dr.
    • 1880 South Mt. Zion Rd.
    • 1401 West Hickory Point Dr. (Forsyth)
  • Land of Lincoln Credit Union (All Branches)
    • 2890 North Oakland Ave.
    • 4850 Prosperity Place
    • 3130 East Mound Rd.
    • 1435 North Water St.
  • Lincoln Square Lounge — 121 North Main St.

Wristband Policy

  • Every person age 13 and older must have a wristband to enter the festival grounds.
  • Wristbands must be worn on your wrist and must not be tampered with in any way including cutting off and taping back on.  If a wristband is tampered with it is no-longer valid.
  • Two wristbands per booth will be provided for each vendor working at the festival. If the vendor needs more than two wristbands, they must purchase them.  Groups who pay to be a vendor at the festival or we pay to work the festival are considered vendors.  This includes food and drink vendors, craft vendors, commercial vendors, and groups who are paid to work doing ticket sales, wristband sales, staffing parking lots, dispensing beer, etc.  If your group is paid to work the festival, you are considered a vendor – even if you are volunteering for that group.
  • One free wristband will be given to each volunteer who works three hours or more. By volunteer, we mean individuals who are not personally compensated and are also not working for a group that is being compensated.  For example, if you are helping a chairman at a stage, or working with our recycling team, you are considered a festival volunteer.  However, if you are staffed through Labor Ready or helping a paid group work the ticket booths, you are not considered a festival volunteer.
  • Parade participants do not need a wristband to participate in the parade because the route begins and ends outside of the festival fence. If you are a parade participant and would like to attend the festival after the parade, you will need to purchase a wristband.  Parade participants will not be issued wristbands.
  • Festival entertainers will be issued at no charge a special “Performer” wristband for the day they are performing.
  • Downtown residents and employees must come to the Decatur Celebration office (160 E Main Street Suite 200, Decatur, IL 62523) to be issued a special “Downtown Employee / Resident” wristband at no charge.  This wristband grants you access to your home or workplace and is not valid at festival food and beverage booths.

Admission Gate Policies

  • Every person age 13 and older must have a wristband to enter the festival grounds.
  • Wristbands must be worn on your wrist and must not be tampered with in any way including cutting off and taping back on.  If a wristband is tampered with it is no-longer valid.
  • Outside food and drinks cannot be brought inside the festival grounds.  You will be asked to throw these items away or take them back to your vehicle.
  • Alcohol cannot be taken outside of the admission gates.
  • No coolers, tumblers, water bottles, or insulated cups will be allowed inside the admission gate.  Baby bottles, child sippy cups, and/or baby food containers are allowed for use by children.
  • No shirt, No Shoes = No Service
  • You will be asked to open large bags to show contents.
  • No weapons of any kind.  Concealed carry permits are not applicable inside the festival grounds per state laws.
  • Yes, you can bring your lawn chair; however, this does not guarantee that people will not stand in front of you at the concerts.  Plus we are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Pets are not allowed on festival grounds.  It’s not that we don’t love pets, there just aren’t proper facilities for them in our large crowds.
  • No Bikes, Skate Boards, Skates