Luke Combs Secret to Success?  His Parents.

Luke Combs Secret to Success? His Parents.

It all starts from home!

Luke Combs tells Rolling Stone magazine that his parents are a big part of his success. ”My parents have always been really great at living within their means and not buying anything that they couldn’t afford. I didn’t understand how important that was until I started working. My parents just always told me, ‘If you want something and you can’t afford it, just don’t get it.’ They’ve made a lot of sacrifices for me. I was an only child, so I always thought if I screwed up, there wasn’t another kid to be good, so I didn’t really have a choice in that regard. I’ve gotten to help them out with some bills they had and my parents and myself didn’t get to travel a lot growing up. I got to take them to a lot of places that they’ve never been and let them experience a lot of things that they’ve never gotten to experience, so that’s definitely been the coolest thing.”

Photo Credit:  PR Photos