Symetra Tour Announces Last Year for Classic in Decatur

Symetra Tour Announces Last Year for Classic in Decatur

February 8, 2019 – The Symetra Tour has announced that when it arrives at Hickory Point Golf Course this June, it will be the curtain call for an event that has hosted “Road to the LPGA” professionals for 35 of the Tour’s 39 years of existence.

Mike Nichols, the Chief Business Officer of the Symetra Tour says they are saying goodbye to an old friend.

“I’ve been adamant that when the time came for Decatur to bid farewell that we do it in a proactive way so that we can celebrate the community’s contribution to the growth of this Tour,” said Nichols. “The last thing I wanted to do was have it end with a press release in the middle of winter. In the near future, we will be making announcements about some special activities to make this an unforgettable week saying not only goodbye, but thank you.”

The 35th annual Forsyth Classic presented by the Decatur Parks District will be contested June 14-16.

The Forsyth Classic has the longest running tournament on the LPGA Symetra Tour and the third longest running women’s golf tournament.