Invested with Hickory Point Bank and NowDecatur

Invested with Hickory Point Bank and NowDecatur

Introducing a new series, “Invested” with Hickory Point Bank and NowDecatur! In this edition we highlight the local business, Heinkel’s packing with Wes Heinkel. Hickory Point Bank is the only local bank in Decatur and they’re proud to call Central Illinois home. It’s that pride that shapes them and influences the way they interact with customers, businesses and communities. Learn more HERE



Top 5 Must Read Business Books

01/10/19- We’ve all been there- we’re stuck in between books and can’t decide what to read next. When it comes to needing a jolt of inspiration in our careers, often the perfect business book can give us the pick-me-up we are looking for. So, if you’re stuck in one of those spots, or just needing…Continue Reading

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