Scovill Zoo Ice Cream Safari Plans Some Cool Fun

Scovill Zoo Ice Cream Safari Plans Some Cool Fun

July 11 – Ken Frye said some people attend the annual Ice Cream Safari at Scovill Zoo as a sort of reunion.

“They’ll come to Ice Cream Safari and as a group they’ll go get ice cream and look at animals and go talk, then they’ll get more ice cream, look at more animals,” Frye, the zoo’s director, said Wednesday during an appearance on Byers & Co.

“They just make a day out of it and it’s something they’ve done year after year after year. It’s kind of fun to have those groups in there to do that.”

Presented by Prairie Farms Dairy, this year’s Ice Cream Safari is set for Sunday beginning at 1 p.m. It’s part of the “Hot 25” – the 25 hottest things to do and see in Central Illinois this summer from Bob Brady Auto Group, Neuhoff Media and Limitless Decatur and Macon County.

Frye said Prairie Farms will provide almost 50 gallons of ice cream in various flavors. The Macon County Sheriff’s Department will be on hand as the dippers.

“They’ve done this the past several years themselves and they really enjoy kind of meeting the public in a not-stressful situation,” said Frye. “It’s dipping ice cream, not pulling you over for a ticket. I think they really like that.”

Frye said there will be four or five ice cream stations arranged throughout the zoo. He said the animals also will be enjoying some refreshments.

“We’ll also be doing some treats for our animals, some ice treats and some other special things for them. I think the animals enjoy it as well,” he said.

With the recent Heroes Hall addition at the Children Museum of Illinois, the sculpture park and an upcoming expansion of the zoo train, Frye agrees the area is growing into “one big destination for people to come and check out.”

“The challenge to us now is to make sure people know about this and this wonderful thing that we’re doing,” he said. “End of this year and into next year, it’s going to look so different. Even in one year it’s amazing how it’s going to keep changing and keep evolving.”

While the Ice Cream Safari begins at 1 o’clock, the zoo opens Sunday at its usual 9:30 a.m. Admission is $6.25 for adults, $4.25 for kids 2-12, and $5.75 for seniors.

For more information, visit or call 217-421-7435.