Millikin Education Seniors Get Interview Experience from Alumni

Millikin Education Seniors Get Interview Experience from Alumni

Feb 27 – The Millikin University School of Education hosted their annual Interview Bootcamp to help their juniors and seniors get ready for their careers.

Dr. Christie Magoulias, Director of the School of Education, said this event is like a job fair, but with a twist. “What’s different about this event is that all of the school district administrators that are here today are Millikin alums.” The alumni will network with the junior and senior students while providing interviews for the graduating seniors.

One of the interviewing administrators is Dennis Lab School Principal Matt Andrews. He said he looks forward to talking with the students. “It’s to help Millikin and help give back to the students at Millikin. We work so hard to try to prepare them for the real world. Going into teaching is an awesome opportunity for them. We just want to make sure they are going into interviews prepared.” While the administrators are there to critique the students’ interview skills and offer advice, they are also looking for potential employees. Andrews said while he is talking with students, he is also looking for someone to fill the vacant music education teaching position at Dennis.

One of the candidates Andrews may have interviewed was Ethan Kohring, a Vocal Music Education senior. Kohring said he already has a few ideas of where he wants to start his student teaching career, but he is looking into the future at his first teaching job by going through this interview process. “I feel like this is helping me because I have not really had an interview in front of an administration. I have had interviews for simple jobs like restaurants, but I feel like having this experience will help me when I need to do these interviews when I’m looking for teaching positions.”

In addition to the seniors participating in the interviews, juniors were able to attend the Interview Bootcamp to see how they can prepare themselves for their senior year and also network with the school administrators. They were able to ask questions to a panel of administrators and get an idea of how they could make themselves a stand-out candidate when it becomes their time to step into the real world.