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Decatur City Limitless
The Decatur Area Arts Council presents “Earthen” (Video included)

The Decatur Area Arts Council presents “Earthen” (Video included)




DECATUR – Many gathered in the Anne Lloyd Gallery to check out the new exhibit being presented by the Decatur Arts Gallery entitled “Earthen.”


The exhibit featured work from sculptor and educator Adam Long and fiber artist Karen Gubitz that both incorporate natural materials in their work. Gubitz could not attend the event due to an organizational meeting elsewhere.


Decatur Arts Gallery Director Sue Powell says that after she saw the work that Long and Gubitz had done she was sold on trying to get them to Decatur.


“It just so happened that I saw Adam’s work online a few years ago and fell in love with it and thought we really need to have this guy in the gallery,” says Powell. “Then I lucked into a fiber artist whose work went beautifully with his and we are very fortunate to have them here.”


Adam Long, from St. Charles, Missouri, says his love of sculpting comes from an early age.


“I have been a figurative sculptor since I was a small child,” says Long. “That’s about all I ever thought about. When I was in college I started experimenting in these natural materials and they’ve just developed and evolved since that point.”


Long says his light bulb moment came from just playing with the earth.


“One day I just basically found some bark that I put on a sculpture on a whim and said, wow, it was one of those a-ha moments,” says Long.  


Long says he takes everything from tree branches, leaves and fungus to create his pieces. Long says the things that we may most take for granted on this earth are his source of inspiration.


“Just those natural materials touching and things that you find on the ground that most people just walk right by, I go and pick it up and I’m touching it, feeling it and looking at it and that’s what inspires me,” says Long.


Long says his pieces are looking at what it means to be human in a natural world.  


“That’s my exploration,” says Long. “Each piece is unique in that they’re natural materials and I couldn’t duplicate them but also in that each one is saying something different about who we are in our relationship with the natural world.”


Long says he exhibits all over. He just had a show wrap up in New Orleans. He also has pieces in a gallery in Colorado and in his own hometown of St. Charles.


“Earthen” will be presented in the Anne Lloyd Gallery until March 29th.