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Kirkland Fine Arts Center welcomes “Celtic Nights” (Video included)

Kirkland Fine Arts Center welcomes “Celtic Nights” (Video included)




Decatur – Millikin University recently hosted “Celtic Nights” at the Kirkland Fine Arts Center.


The group of singers and performers hail from Ireland and are right in the middle of their massive U.S. tour. The acclaimed showcase ensemble performed the “Spirit of Freedom.” Jan Traughber, Director of Kirkland Fine Arts, describes “Spirit of Freedom.”


“The celebration is equivalent to the 4th of July for the U.S.,” says Traughber. “It’s through an evening of song and dance. There is beautiful scenery, beautiful costuming, a great light show, it’s really amazing.”


Three female singers, three male singers, five dancers and five musicians make up the cast for “Celtic Nights.” Traughber says it’s the first time the group had ever been in the U.S.


Traughber says the group started their national tour in California, then went to the Northern West coast, and then moved across the Midwest to Illinois. She was the tour guide for the group and showed them around Decatur.


Traughber says this kind of entertainment should definitely make its way to the Decatur area more frequently.


“If you love Celtic dance and traditional Celtic dance you’ll see that,” says Traughber. “It really is a full stage production and it’s something that people tell us they want to see more of, so we were very lucky to swing this.”