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Manar: Both sides ‘losing’ during budget impasse

Manar: Both sides ‘losing’ during budget impasse

DECATUR– In a week in which House Speaker Michael Madigan drew criticism from both Democrats and Republicans for suggesting an increase in taxes to partially solve the budget deficit, State Senator Andy Manar isn’t joining the chorus.


Joining Byers & Company Tuesday morning, Manar said the blame for the budget impasse should be put on all elected officials, not just one person, “We all have something at stake in this and we all need to take responsibility, both republicans and democrats.”


Manar said he thought lawmakers, collectively, were taking the wrong approach in solving the budget crisis, “What I think is happening is that we are all holding out hoping that if this goes on long enough it will bleed into another election cycle, and once that happens we will get to do what our party wants to do, politically, and I don’t think that’s the right approach.”


Last week Manar said he thought legislation regarding the state budget would start to get pushed through after the 1st of the year when the required number of votes to pass a bill decrease from a supermajority to a simple majority.


The state’s fiscal year began on July 1st.