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Check out St. Mary’s new surgical robot (Video)

Check out St. Mary’s new surgical robot (Video)


DECATUR — St. Mary’s Hospital is happy to have the da Vinci Surgical Robot at the hospital now, which should make some surgical procedures go easier and faster.


At an open house Wednesday, visitors got the chance to take the reins and perform a small test operation using the robot.  While it may look like a toy, St. Mary’s Director of Operations Jacob Roddis assures that this is much more than a fun-looking robot.


“We are actually planning to use this for the first time on Tuesday, the 24th for a surgery with one of our doctors,” says Roddis.  “It is a surgical robot that will make the recovery quicker for our patients and they won’t have to spend as much time in the hospital; plus they have less pain thanks to the machine.”


The da Vinci Robot makes much smaller incisions, and implements miniaturized, wristed instruments to perform the surgery.  It also includes a high-definition HD camera that gives the technician a much closer look into what they are performing.  Roddis says it was important for St. Mary’s to invest in the technology, because the younger generation is starting to get familiar with this machine.


“It helps us market physicians as well because a lot of the students in school now are being trained how to use da Vinci,” he says.  “As we progress into the future and get more service lines and surgeons, we are prepared for those who come out of residency.”