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Director Matt Jungmann reflects on the 2015 Farm Progress Show

Director Matt Jungmann reflects on the 2015 Farm Progress Show

DECATUR – The Farm Progress Show is winding down in Decatur after three, long and hot days.


Show Director Matt Jungmann says, aside from the heat, things seemed to go smoothly throughout the three-day trade show.  Jungmann also says heat is much better than rain and thunderstorms.


“While heat is tough and wears you out quickly, it is better for the show than having lightning and storms,” says Jungmann.  “We have great EMS teams and those people who got dehydrated and overheated were taken care of quickly and calmly.”


Jungmann says with so many people it is hard not to have little issues, but they took care of them fairly quickly.  He says after looking at the parking situation, it’s probably safe to say the show saw close to 160,000 visitors this year, which was an early prediction.


One of the new things this year was the expansion, which was only made possible early this summer.  Jungmann says the expansion went over very well with the public and the exhibitors.


“We got some really good feedback on the expansion.  You kind of lay it out there and hope things work out,” says Jungmann.  “We will probably do some things different for next show as far as where we put exhibitors and how we control the flow of traffic.”


Jungmann said exhibitors immediately began to tear down as soon as the show concluded on Thursday.  He says besides the permanent structures, most of the exhibits will be taken down in as little as two weeks.  Jungmann adds that it will take closer to a month to remove all of the woodchips that were spread across Progress City.


Looking forward to next show, Jungmann says he wants to continue to evolve.


“I think the future is really bright here for Progress City,” he says.  “We never know what the weather will do, but the good thing is that we are pretty much covered with this facility.  You can look forward to the expansion being completed with pavement and utilities at the next show.”