State successfully auctions off remaining aircraft

State successfully auctions off remaining aircraft

SPRINGFIELD—The State has finally sold off all of it’s excess airliners, according to Governor Bruce Rauner.


A year after former Governor Pat Quinn suggested that the state begin auctioning off the aircraft, Governor Rauner said their sale has been completed, “The successful sale of the state’s surplus aircraft is some much needed good news for taxpayers,”


The five aircraft included four airplanes and one helicopter.


“In addition to earning $2.5 million on the sale of the aircraft, the State of Illinois achieved significant savings by avoiding more than $1 million in State resources on upcoming inspections and repairs for unneeded aircraft,” Rauner added.


Under Quinn’s plan, the state was going to auction off all nine of its aircraft but after three separate auctions, the five aircraft remained unsold, until this week.


The aircraft sold included a 2000 Beechcraft King Air, a 1991 Sikorsky helicopter, 1979 Cessna C337H, a 1986 Cessna C182R, and a 1985 Cessna C421C. In total the aircraft sold for $2.5 million.