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Gill ‘looking forward’ to independent Congressional race

Gill ‘looking forward’ to independent Congressional race

BLOOMINGTON– A familiar face to Illinois politics is hoping a change of party affiliation will improve his chances for winning a congressional seat he has 4 times tried to win.

Bloomington physician David Gill, who ran his previous campaigns for the 13th district congressional seat as part of the Democratic Party, has announced his 5th run will be as an independent, “Perhaps my message will be taken more seriously by some individuals, you know I was always out there saying I wasn’t being directed by Nancy Pelosi or Steve Israel, in fact I beat them in the 2012 primary and they weren’t involved in my campaigns prior to that.”

Gill narrowly lost to current Republican Congressman Rodney Davis in their 2012 race by roughly 1000 votes and in 2014 was defeated in a primary by Democratic nominee Ann Callis.

Gill acknowledged the uphill battle of running as an independent, but said he was still confident in his chances of winning in 2016.

“The standard independent campaign doesn’t get a lot of support… but this is something I wouldn’t be doing if I didn’t think I could win and I do think it can be won and I’m excited about it.”

Following his race with Davis in 2012, Gill temporarily served as the Assistant Director of the Illinois Department of Public Health under former governor Pat Quinn.