Gov. Rauner signs concussion bill

Gov. Rauner signs concussion bill

SPRINGFIELD – Governor Bruce Rauner is signing a new law designed to better protect student athletes who suffer concussions.


Senator Kwame Raoul sponsored the bill, and has 2 children of his own who suffered sports related concussions.  The new law requires a doctor to sign off before an injured student can return to sports and the classroom.


“We often focus on return to play without realizing that reading, exposure to computers, and overly exercising your brain exacerbates concussion symptoms,” says Raoul.  “So it is really important to focus on more than just whether we can get a kid back on the court or field, but also on accommodations for when our children study.”


Raoul says staring at a textbook or a computer can be just as taxing on a brain trying to recover.


The law applies to all age students, not just high schoolers.  Schools will also have to develop a policy for dealing with concussions.